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Sat, Sept 10th Cod Trip...

NOAA has changed the forecast for this Saturday four times in the past 24 hours...basically they have no idea what they are doing like everything else in this inept, feckless, gutless, spineless, clueless, disorganized, big government entity under their fearless leader, Barrack Hussein Obama. Perhaps he is the one doing the forecasting - no wonder they cannot get it right!!! Regardless, they cannot get it straight so I am going to be watching everything very closely and doing my own marine forecast for this Saturday. I really want to go but it has to be at least "fishable"...another-words, you the customer have to be able to stand on deck without getting beat-up. At this point, it looks like a go but I will have my final answer tomorrow as early as possible....check back in and if you want a spot at the rail let me know ASAP. Standby...


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