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Solid Fishing Continues...

Took Zach from Thompson Ct. and his friends from Twin River out for a Cod trip yesterday, Wed Aug 24th. The weather was "perfect" with bright sunshine, low humidity and just a puff of wind out of the SW. At 5 AM the ocean was very relaxed with just a bump here and there on the ride out to the grounds...couldn't get better conditions. Based on local reports and my old faithful logbook, I had a very specific game plan for the day...but even with all the preparation and planning, the first few drops were a bust. The fish were at every spot, but the water was "stagnant"....the dreaded mid morning slack tide. This one has bitten me in the ass many times in the past but I wasn't going to have it that way for this trip, Zach had this trip booked for many weeks and I really wanted to give him and his group a great trip (as I always try to do on every trip). At this point, it was time to play the "Run & Gun" game and we did. A small jog to the south put us on a nice batch that wanted to chew...after several drifts we started to put some meat in the box, including two hook-ups that were very, very huge - one fish broke the line (50 lb braid) the other was dropped after a solid five minute tug of war...which the fish won. Other boats in the area started noticing and before I could say "Googan Fest" there were 5 boats fishing dangerously close to our stern. Despite the good bite, I made another move as far away from the fleet as possible. At this point, we had better drift conditions and the tide change was well on its way. Not a single boat was around for this drop and I was glad because we had a nice flurry of fish come over the rail. After poking around a couple of other spots we settled-up on our last drop and pulled on a good assortment of cellar dwellers including Cod, Ling, Scup and some HUGE Seabass!!! Overall, it was a great day to be out on the water and in the end, perseverance paid off. In terms of size, certainly nothing huge but all nice markets which in my opinion makes the best table fare. Corey cut fish all the way back till we got through the gap and then I joined him for another hour of cutting back at the dock. At 9 PM we finally stepped off the about a long day.

Upcoming Trips...East winds are in the forecast for the entire weekend and that really stinks. I might have a couple spots for either Sunday or Monday depending on what the forecast looks like on Saturday, sorry folks - wish I could give more notice but this is how the game is played. If nothing pans out for Sun/Mon, then I will put something together for next week. Saturday, Sept 3rd is booked but I have plenty of open dates. Keep your rod ready and on standby so when mother nature throws us a bone you will be ready to go....


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