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Epic Summertime Cod Trip Yesterday...

Saturday's trip was about as good as it gets in the fishing business...perfect weather, flat calm seas, and a red-hot bite. Bob from Ludlow MA and Don from Narragansett put on a clinic and really displayed some serious angling skills that can only be acquired after years at the rail. Initially, the day started slow with very fast drift conditions and only a couple dozen "endangered" bow-wow's coming over the rail. Despite some very solid marks I decided to move a couple miles south of the dog pound to see if I could redeem this point, the crew renamed the boat "Dogzilla" so I had to try a different approach. Switched up to some heavier jigs and different teaser just needed to locate a small "batch" of Baccalla. Halfway to drop #2 I ran over something I had to have a second look at...every rod went over and it was "game-on". The small batch I was hoping for turned out to be a "herd" and for nearly 3 hours the Cod were flying over the rail...even mate Corey was in on the action putting several nice fish in the box. We even had several double headers!!! If it couldn't get any better, we had huge pods of bait breaking all around the boat with small Tuna in hot pursuit underneath...Corey had a solid hook-up but it was over in 30 seconds as the fish straightened the hook...a classic "big one that got away" story in the making, oh well, that's fishing. Overall, one of my best trips of this very long summer and I learned something important - never ignore a solid mark on the scope. The herd we located yesterday were in an area I would have never thought of dropping in doesn't even have a name or designation and basically sits square in the shipping lanes of all places...go figure!

On a side note, fresh out of the "penalty box", the boat ran great and I have full confidence we are going to run many more trips before we haul in late December. If your one of several groups who I had to cancel on and want to re-book a trip let me know of now, I have a pretty full slate of bookings from here on out but will do my best to accommodate. This Wednesday I am running a sold-out private charter but plan to put some more open boat trips down for next weekend so check back midweek to get the details. Hope everyone is enjoying this fine summer weather...and lets pray the good weather and solid fishing continues into the fall...


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