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Next Open Boat Trip This Sat. Aug 20th...

After a tough couple of weeks, Codzilla should be out of the "penalty box" tomorrow...going to fork over another $4k to keep things running...all I can say is that new toilet better come with a solid gold seat and automatic ass wiper...and my guys over at NYR are honest...can you imagine the cost of ANY other yard down here in the point? Redefines the term "assume the position"...regardless, I am ready to get things back in gear and start running trips, cannot wait in fact.

I plan to run a "shakedown cruise" on Friday just to make sure everything is good (I am sure everything will be 100%)...on Saturday I would like to throw the lines at 6 AM and steam to some local Cod drops first. After that head in to the island for some Sea Bass and Fluke. I don't have a solid game plan set in stone just yet but will by Friday looks good other than some early fog so if you want to jump aboard call, txt or email me to hold a spot at the rail. One spot is already reserved (Rob from Warren, MA..a top shelf jig man / Cod slayer for sure!!!)...five spots put the "honey to do" list to one side and come fishing!!! Its August folks...blink your eyes and the summer season will be over!!!

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