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Monday Aug 8th Update

After a tough twilight trip on Friday, I was finally able to get the boat over to the yard today for some long overdue maintenance. For the past two seasons I have used Narragansett Yacht Repair (NYR) and have nothing but good things to say about Roger Kroha and his crew. Completely professional, courteous, very knowledgeable and honest. I have been in the boating game for many, many years and there are very few yards that I trust...been handed some outrageous bills over the years for shoddy work at best. That has never been the case at NYR, Roger oversee's every job and when they fix something, its done right and at a reasonable price. A good majority of my customers have their own boats so I figured I would post this little tidbit just in case you find yourself in need of some help....

Fishing...Since I have a pretty extensive list for the yard, I will not be running any trips till at least Aug 17th. As soon as I get back on the dock I will be doing several trips for Seabass and Fluke over at the block. I am also planning to get in a few trips to Coxes for Cod. A friend told me yesterday that he heard of a few Haddock being taken there on Saturday...and big ones!!! Talk about good eating table fare!!! Well thats the scoop for now...check-in next week, I should have a few trips posted.


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