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Can't believe this is the last day in July 2016 and I cancelled today's trip due to another blown forecast...the only job you can be wrong at most of the time and still get paid for it. Frustrating....anyways, looks like the upcoming week will be chock full of NE winds so I will be catching-up on little things around the dock and do have one trip in the books for next Sunday, August 7th...Block Island Fluke and spot open as of this posting. On Monday, August 8th the boat goes in for scheduled maintenance and a NEW HEAD!!! I am sure nobody is going to miss the old apologies that it took so long to replace but that's how it goes. If all goes well at the yard, I should be back running trips by the following weekend...August 13 - 14th. Hoping to make more Cod trips in August than I did in July...lets just hope for a nice stretch of weather this month...

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