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Gorgeous Day On The Water...

Took Mike M. and his group from Ct. out for a bluebird day of Codfishing on Coxes Ledge today. Although the weather was better than the fishing, we still managed to put together a very respectable catch with several nice size market fish and a couple of big ones dropped or rolled. For whatever reason, we had a very extended slack tide when we got to the grounds and although I was marking tons of fish and bait, the "magic hour" bite never developed and it was a pick all day. After pounding all my best spots with both bait and jigs, I decided to take a risk on some new territory I never explored but always wanted to this time, the clock was working against me and I had to box some fish before high noon or the trip would have been a bust. Thankfully, luck was on our side and after 3 drifts on my new drop it was over...both jigs and bait worked on the very rocky terrain and despite dismal tidal conditions, we still managed to turn lemons into lemonade. Our last drop also produced several nice big Seabass to round-out the mix and add some variety to the catch. Finding a new drop that is off the grid and chock full of fish made my day and I will certainly return to it on a better tide. Overall, it was a great trip with perfect weather and good group of guys who I really enjoyed fishing with...enclosed are a few pics from my "office"....enjoy!!!

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