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Only had two show for yesterdays trip so needless to say I was pretty upset. Still did the trip and Jim (Douglas, MA) and Jun (Bristol, RI) were treated to a good day of fishing with a wide open stern for them to enjoy. The Cod bite in the AM was on the slow side due to a slacking tide but it did pick-up enough to box a few nice ones for the table. The Fluke and Seabass were very active in the late morning and Jim put on a clinic as he boxed several beauties including one that went 7+! Also worthy of noting was the amount of bait on the inshore grounds...find the bait and you find the fish. In the late PM we snooped around hoping for a few more Cod but only found one nice keeper among several dogfish that made a very strong showing today. By 3 PM it was blowing 20 and the drift was 2 knots (even with a drift sock) so we decided to head for the barn. Overall it was a good day and conditions were perfect until the wind came up in the afternoon.

I have a trip booked for Sunday (sold out) but its going to depend on the weather. SCA's up until late Saturday so we will have to see what happens. I am hoping to get in a few trips next week so check back as I post all trips, results, etc., Lets hope August isn't a "wind machine" repeat of July...really hoping for a few "bluebird" days to fish comfortably offshore...

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