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Offshore Cod Update...

Can't seem to catch a break from the weatherman...its mid July for heavens sake, not mid January. Regardless, NOAA already greatly altered the forecast for the weekend and with SCA (small craft advisories) up overnight tonight extending into late doubt the water will be kicked-up at the minimum into Sat AM....then supposed to turn and get a 10kt NNW wind with 3-4' seas at 5 second intervals...not what I would consider "comfortable" fishing conditions...So Saturday is a scratch. That leaves Sunday...looks like a repeat forecast of last week...8 kts NE wind with 2' seas...and you can read below to see how that trip went. Sure...NE winds with only 2' seas, these NOAA guys are dillusional....last week it was blowing 30+ with seas building 5-8' with some sets bigger. Vowed to never untie the boat again in ANY east wind and I mean it. Love to fish and really enjoy taking all my great customers out there, but I refuse to beat anyone up including myself and the boat.

As of now (Thurs Night 7/14), I altered the trip plans for this weekend and rather than run offshore and risk it, I will do an inshore trip off Block Island for Fluke, Sea Bass, Scup and a few straggler Cod which I always seem to find. Have 3 guys booked for Sunday and could use a couple more. $125pp, full day trip and everything is provided. Of all depends on the forecast which I am watching like a hawk. Call, txt or email if interested in securing a spot. Stanby...

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