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Tough Trip July 3rd, Offshore Trips To Coxes Ledge Begin This Week...

July 3rd's inshore trip for Seabass, Fluke and Scup was downright "bad". It is not a common occurrence on FV Codzilla, but it was bound to happen at some point. We fished in every productive area starting at the Hooter Buoy (several shorts), next stop was the Island...East Grounds, Sharks Ledge and even the Clay Head Grounds were COVERED with huge schools of "endangered" Dogfish...nightmare!!! On the tide change I moved to a few deepwater spots around the North Reef...took a few nice Cod and even boated a few keeper Seabass, thought our luck was changing and decided to move inside to take a shot at some Fluke, unfortunately, the ripping tide and winds would not allow for a proper drift (even with a sea anchor), so I went back to square one and decided to hit some very good area's around the lighthouse....same thing, rough water and a ripping tide, couldn't safely stand on deck at this point so I had to pull the plug. It was a bitter pill to swallow for someone who is results driven...but it reminded me why they call this "fishing"....not "catching". All set with the inshore grounds around the Island until I hear that the dog pound is closed....

Coxed Ledge Cod...have my first trip planned for this Wed, July 6th. Not sure what we are going to find on the long trip offshore, but I am hoping to see the Cod put a real bend in the gear. All results and future trips will be posted here on the site and if your interested in going on one of the trips just call, txt or email me anytime. I return all calls and messages usually within 24 hours. Thanks to all my great customers...God Bless the USA and hope everyone had a great July 4th!!!

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