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Open Boat Trips...July 2 - 4th...

Plan to run several trips over the weekend extending into the July 4th holiday. Saturday has one spot open, Sunday might have a few spots if I don't receive conformation soon, Monday, July 4th is wide open....have 4 spots open as of this post. The fourth of July holiday typically marks the start of the "offshore" Cod season according to the old timers...of course this means making the long 28 mile ride out to the infamous "Coxes Ledge" fishing grounds...big fuel burn, 2.5 hours at the wheel both ways, plus fishing time. These trips put everything and everyone to the test and usually make for a very, very long - hopefully memorable - day!!! Looking forward to making some long overdue trips back to the summertime Cod grounds...the one and only Coxes Ledge. Inshore, I plan to fish for Seabass and Fluke along the beach and at Block Island...ONLY...if the dogs from last week have abated the grounds. Waiting for a report from other partner boats who fished the Island today....if you want to jump on a, txt or email me anytime.

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