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Double Shift....June 25th 2016

Yesterday we did two in the AM and one in the PM...needless to say it was a long day. The AM trip was supposed to be a mixed bag trip but the great group I had on board (Robert, Keith, Keith Sr. & son Cory wanted to chase the winter king....the lowly Cod). With water temps climbing to 68 deg F (+ 7 deg from just a week prior) and east winds blowing all week I knew it would be a very big challenge to box even a "few". The warm water provokes the Cod to migrate to cooler, deeper water at this time of year (ie, Coxes Ledge)....strike one for me yesterday. East winds blowing for days on end = dogfish invasion. Yesterday proved this second theory and was strike two. Strike three was the clock...couldn't put in the usual amount of OT on a slow day like yesterday due to a second charter I had at 6 PM!!! Good Grief!!! Despite all of the above, the AM boys did box at least 15 nice Cod and rolled, lost plenty more. By days end, we had a respectable amount of fish in the box including several nice Cod, a few Blues, a couple big Seabass and even a few huge Bergalls....far from a slammer but not a bad day on the inshore grounds of Block Island.

The PM trip was another story, left the dock at exactly 6 PM, two seconds after Bill filleted the last fish from the AM trip...inshore Seabass was the target and we dialed-in real good. The Chris White party had a blast and filled the cooler very quickly with several very big fish to 6lbs plus...and many, many fish just a tad short. Overall a great PM trip....Bill cut fish to 10 PM and we both crawled off the dock at 10:45 after washing everything down...long ass day....but it was awesome and we cannot wait to our next trips this weekend. Call, txt or email to book a trip or just monitor to see updated trip reports and open dates...God Bless!

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