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Epic Trip For FV Codzilla.....Monster Cod, June 15th 2016

"I'd rather be lucky than good"...its a common term I hear all the time down on the docks. Today we got lucky and the results were very good due to some real "stout" tackle and what I call "The Luck of The Irish". Dropped in on a couple of unknown wrecks that are off the grid...and the results were impressive. Prior to my iphone battery crapping out, I did get a few pics but certainly did not capture how off the charts this trip was...several huge Cod came over the rail and we lost, rolled many more. Limited out by noon and everyone was so tired nobody wanted to fish for Fluke, Scup, Stripers or anything else. Best Cod trip in many years and one that will go down in the books for the FV Codzilla!!!

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