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February 2015 Repeat?

The above pics were all taken this morning as I made my rounds in the sub zero weather. Block Island was shrouded in a mysterious layer of "sea smoke", not something you see too often. Even the fleet was "iced-in" at the docks including yours truly. This certainly reminded me of last February, however, despite this bone chilling cold snap, we are not going to have a repeat of last winter. On Tuesday the temps are forecast to be in the 50's which seems almost unbelievable after this mornings low of 5 deg.!!! This is a good sign that spring is well on its way. Last February's endless storms which extended well into March really took a toll on the fishery and delayed the arrival of just about every species by 2-3 weeks due to the extremely cold water temps. Not saying we are going to be trading our shovels in for fishing poles just yet, but lets keep our fingers crossed.


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