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The Waiting Game...

As I sit here looking out my window at the falling snow, I think about last year and can only hope this February is not going to be a repeat far we are not off to a very good start. My good friend and customer "Sal from Ct" gave me a call this afternoon to ask me when I am going to start running trips? A great question considering that we are in the middle of a snowstorm....I answered Sal quickly and told him I would call him when the first fish (fluke, sea bass) show-up, figure mid-May / early June. After thinking about it for awhile, I don't think I can wait that long to get a line in the water...

Most years I fall prey to "the waiting game" and absolutely won't make trips until I know that I can top off the coolers...I hate taking guys on boat rides, that's just not my way. However, this year is different from others...prior to Christmas, the Cod bite was red hot and there was a big body of fish around SE Block and W. Coxes. Although recent reports have tapered somewhat, the fish are still around and we might have another real good Cod bite from early March to late May. This spring Cod fishery used to be a rite of passage for years and years until the fluke and seabass showed. The past five years it has been almost extinct and most boats in the fleet don't even start till Memorial Day weekend. I might consider a few early trips so check the site weekly starting in March. In the meantime...keep shoveling and don't forget to grease those reels for the upcoming season.


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