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The Very Busy 30 Fathom Cod "Highway"

My apolgies for being absent after launching for the 2015 season....I had family and personal business that had to be attended to, therefore, I thought it was best to take a break over the summer and resume fishing when I could focus 100% without distractions. Well, that time has now come and I am looking forward to making some inshore Cod trips very soon. Prior to the wind machine being turned on this week, a huge body of green fish has made their annual migration down the 30 fathom curve from Nantucket Shoals and the fishing was "outstanding" according to my sources. One body of fish has settled nicely into the usual spots out on the ledge, the second and smaller body of fish have settled in SE of Block. Additionally, some smaller market fish are being taken close inside on some well known bottom that nobody would ever believe held Baccalla!!! Its all in the timing and now is the time for inshore Cod...I will be posting trips very soon on my Codzilla homepage, CL and Facebook...stay tuned!!!

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