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Here We Go Again...

Wow does it feel good to be back on the boat after that brutal winter. My apologies for not posting anything over the winter months, but there wasn't much to talk about. The Codfishing off Block Island never materialized due to a lack of bait in the water column and the severe weather in February - even the headboats couldn't get off the dock! This was the first winter in many that I actually saw the harbor freeze much for global warming.

With all that now behind us, Codzilla is up on the hard getting some major work done so we can get right onto the fluke when they show up in May. Since the water temps are still very, very cold (38 deg f) I think everything is going to start running later than normal. Every year is different so we will just have to wait and see. The regs for 2015 have changed again and as usual, not in our favor. For 2015 anglers will be allowed (1) Striped Bass at 28" per day (for the full season) and (1) Black Sea Bass at 14" per day (July 2 - Aug 31) increasing to (7) fish per day (Sept 1 - Dec 31)...outrageous and rediculous without question. Thankfully Fluke is unchanged at (8) fish per day, 18" (May 1 - Dec 31) so this might be enough to keep the charter fleet in business for another year...just barely. One bright spot in this "quagmire" of regulatory madness seems to lie on the shoulders of my favorite fish....the lowely Cod. RI regs allow anglers (10) Cod at 22" with no closed season. Pretty damn good considering the whole Gulf of Maine is shut down for 2015, those poor guys are not allowed even a single fish! Needless to say many of my fellow captains up north are postponing their entire 2015 season and some are even calling it quits. Irregardless, we had a strong showing of Cod last summer on Coxes and I anticipate the same for 2015. I had several good trips last year so I might do more this season if I sense there is some real interest. These trips will not be for the typical angler...these will be hardcore trips tossing the lines at 3 AM and steaming through the darkness 25 - 30 miles offshore. As the season takes shape I will post more details about these trips and others. I am hoping to start this season May 1st but again we will have to see. Can't wait to get some lines in the water...>)))>


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